This is the first-ever paperback redesign of Brown's best-selling favorites

Dan BrownAuthor of Origin
Credit: Dan Courter

New collector’s editions of Dan Brown’s biggest books are soon to be released in paperback, EW can reveal exclusively.

Highlighting the skylines of the cities featured in The Da Vinci Code, Inferno, and The Lost Symbol, the new covers mark the first-ever redesigns of the trio since their initial release in paperback (excluding the movie tie-in editions). Unified by visual theme, each captures the engrossing sense of mystery and wealth of secrets that have catapulted the books to success.

“Given my love of art, and the way it plays prominently into these novels, the idea of re-jacketing my backlist was an exciting one,” Brown tells EW. “I always set out to write a book that is both fun and mysterious, and so I love the fact that there is more to each jacket than meets the eye.”

The three books are all part of Brown’s Robert Langdon series, which launched in 2000 with Angels and Demons; the most recent entry, Origin, published last year, and its paperback edition will release in conjunction with its redesigned predecessors on Aug. 21. The series’ most popular entrant, The Da Vinci Code, has sold more than 80 million copies worldwide since its 2003 debut.

You can see the three new covers below. The redesigned books will be available for purchase Aug. 21.

Credit: Vintage/Anchor Books
Credit: Vintage/Anchor Books
Credit: Vintage/Anchor Books