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Earlier this week, EW compiled a list of 50 books that deserve to be adapted into a TV show or movie. The list of great books that haven’t yet been adapted is, of course, even longer than that. The stories of Judy Blume, for instance, have remained on the page despite millions of sales and dozens of awards. That might change soon, however. Blume tweeted on Thursday that she was meeting with “many talented people” in Los Angeles about possible adaptations. She even asked her followers to chime in with suggestions for which of her books they would like to see on screen.

Considering the breadth of Blume’s bibliography, perhaps it’s no surprise that one of the most popular responses was “all of them,” as Twitter user Carol Blymire wrote. And considering how many Stephen King adaptations have arrived just in the last few years, it’s not difficult to see an author as popular as Blume produce many of her own.

When it came to specific recommendations, many people suggested what is possibly Blume’s most famous work: Are You There God? It’s Me, Margaret. The book, which tells the story of a young girl going through puberty and searching for a meaningful faith, has won several awards — and even earned a spot on TIME’s list of the all-time 100 best novels — but has never been adapted for the screen.

Other suggestions included Tales of a Fourth Grade Nothing (which, along with the rest of the “Fudge series,” focuses on the relationship between young siblings learning to live with one another) and Starring Sally J. Freedman as Herself (the story of an imaginative young girl in the ’40s moving from New Jersey to Miami with her family). The Fudge books were actually adapted into a TV series in the ’90s, making them one of the few Blume works to get adapted, but then again a pre-existing TV adaptation didn’t stop King’s novel It from returning to screens last year.