This new video series sets comic panels to music and recorded dialogue

By Christian Holub
August 01, 2018 at 06:07 PM EDT
Credit: Archie Comics
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From Black Panther to Riverdale, so many of the biggest movies and TV shows these days are based on comic books. But the popularity of such stories hasn’t quite translated into similarly high sales for comics, so Archie Comics is trying out a new method of getting people to read some. The publisher has teamed up with Spotify to launch a series of “motion comics.” These videos take the panels from actual issues of Archie, put them into motion, set them to music, and have actors read the dialogue.

“Archie has always been about trying to find new ways to get comics to fans and readers,” Archie Comics publisher and CEO Jon Goldwater said in a statement. “And when the opportunity to work with Spotify arose, it was a perfect match. Being able to reposition these modern classics for new readers in this unique, motion comic format makes perfect sense and we can’t wait for fans to experience these beloved Archie stories in a new way.”

The initial batch of episodes translate the first six issues from the current ongoing Archie comic, by writer Mark Waid and artists Fiona Staples, Annie Wu, and Veronica Fish. They are grouped together into a playlist titled “Spotlight Archie — The New Riverdale.”

Depending on the fan response to this initiative, however, don’t expect to see more things in this vein very soon. DC’s upcoming streaming platform DC Universe promises a comic reader that will allow people to scroll through comics on their screen, although there are currently no known plans for music or dialogue recordings to be included.

Archie Comics

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