After building a worldwide audience thanks to its TV and movie offerings, plus the recent flood of stand-up specials (we’re looking at you, Dave Chappelle, Steve Martin & Martin Short, and Ali Wong), Netflix is adding a whole new genre to its slate: comic books.

After purchasing renowned comic scribe Mark Millar’s imprint Millarworld last year, the streaming giant is now set to publish The Magic Order, a new six-issue comic from Millar and artist Olivier Coipel. To mark the momentous occasion, they’ve even designed a trailer teasing the arrival of The Magic Order, which you can see exclusively above.

As seen in the preview, The Magic Order focuses on a secret order of modern-day magicians who keep the world safe from supernatural threats, to the point that most normal people have no idea that anything unusual is afoot in the background of their lives. When talking to EW about The Magic Order in April, Millar described it as “The Sopranos meets Harry Potter,” and explained how he came up with the idea: “As a kid, I always used to rationalize the fact that there were no monsters (since nobody’s ever seen a monster or caught one on camera), with the idea that there are people who take care of this, and that’s why you never see it. So the idea is there’s a family of wizards who have been around for thousands of years and they take care of bad stuff. They live among us as stage magicians and other eccentric jobs during the day, but at night, they get together and take care of problems.”

However, as this trailer also reveals, the magicians are now facing problems of their own. Someone or something, it seems, is out to kill them, and is doing a remarkably good job of it. “One wizard down.”

The first issue of The Magic Order hits comic shops June 13. Check out the trailer above, including animations of Coipel’s art.