Watch the trailer for his stunning new book 'Pop Trash'
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You never know where you’ll find great art. Sometimes, it’s lurking in the garbage can outside your house.

At least, that’s the ethos that Jason Mecier has followed. The artist has amassed quite a following through his intricately detailed, incredibly compiled celebrity portraits, which are made of everything from candy to computer parts to supermarket food packaging. Mecier’s work has made its way into TV shows, music videos, and galleries around the world. Now, a collection of his art has arrived: Pop Trash.

From a distance they look like respectful, colorful portraits; look closer and you’ll see how ingeniously they were put together. The book features a wide range of celebrities, including comic Amy Sedaris (whose portrait was made from her own trash) and, as you can see on the cover, the late, great David Bowie. Mecier also offers fun, fascinating behind-the-scenes shots for readers to take a look at his methods.

Above, you can watch a trailer for the book, which gives you a glimpse of Mecier’s unconventional methods and workspace. And be sure to check out the Pop Trash cover below. Pre-order the book ahead of its July 17 release here.

Credit: Chronicle Books