Soloway unveils their cover and describes their journey to genderqueer powerhouse creator.
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Jill Soloway has a message for readers: She Wants It.

The Transparent creator is gearing up for the release of a memoir with themes of “toppling the patriarchy,” tracing Soloway’s personal and professional coming-of-age from being a staff writer and divorced parent of two to becoming an Emmy- and Golden Globe-winning powerhouse creator and one of the most sought-after TV writers and directors around.

When Soloway’s parent came out as transgender, Soloway, who now identifies as genderqueer and nonbinary, pushed through the male-dominated landscape of Hollywood to create the groundbreaking Amazon TV series Transparent. Exploring identity, love, and sexuality through the dynamics of a complicated American family, the profoundly resonant series gave birth to a new cultural consciousness — and created an awakening in Soloway, too.

“I’ve been dreaming about this book for so long and pouring my soul into it for the past few years,” Soloway says to EW. “But when the recent reckoning occurred, everything began to add up. I was able to see my journey with new questions and new clarity while charting the synchronous moments in life and art-making. I’ve found a lot of creative inspiration in documenting matching awakenings around the timing of my parent coming out as trans, the birth of Transparent, and my new identity as both filmmaker and queer person.”

Soloway exclusively shared the book’s cover with EW, and explained why it’s important for She Wants It to arrive at this moment in time. “Women and LGTBQ folks are just starting to understand how desire, both personal and artistic, is so dangerous to the male gaze,” Soloway says. “We know that global patriarchy is being questioned on a grand scale. I’m hoping this work will invite readers to feel it all through a highly personal lens. I am so excited to publish this book in this moment.”

See the cover for She Wants It below, and preorder the book ahead of its Oct. 9 release here.

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