Listen to an exclusive preview of the popular stand-up comic recounting his bumpy career
Sebastian Maniscalco audiobook CR: Simon & Schuster
Credit: Simon & Schuster

The stand-up stage is typically the venue of choice for comedians sharing funny, candid, personal stories, but for his latest project, Sebastian Maniscalco is turning to the world of audiobooks.

Maniscalco’s Stay Hungry is a memoir that traces the past 20 years of his life, from playing boxing rings and bowling alleys to reaching the pinnacles of comedy success. The project also offers insight into who Maniscalco is and what his family life is like, as he’s never previously done. The popular stand-up recorded the entire audiobook version himself for listeners, delivering the trademark wit that’s netted him thousands of fans but with a little more depth than what one might expect.

Stay Hungry is available for purchase now, and Maniscalco has recorded an interview about the project that EW can exclusively reveal. “Stay Hungry is a bunch of stories that I basically cannot do in my standup act because they’re really detailed and long and have so much nuance that I thought it’d be real fitting for me to put these stories in a book,” he says to begin. “It chronicles the last 20 years of my life and gives you a little bit more insight into who I am as a guy and a man.”

You can listen to the interview — in which Maniscalco also touches on the title’s significance and the process of audiobook recording — below, along with an excerpt. Listen to Stay Hungry here.