By Mary Kate Carr
February 28, 2018 at 11:47 AM EST
Dolly Parton's Imagination Library Donates 100 Millionth Book To Library Of Congress
Credit: Shannon Finney/Getty Images

Dolly Parton’s storied career has seen many a milestone: Country Music Awards, Grammy Awards, Oscar nominations, and recently, world records. But on Tuesday, Parton achieved an accomplishment even more special, by donating the 100 millionth book of her career.

Parton’s nonprofit organization, Imagination Library, began in 1995, donating books to children in Parton’s home state of Tennessee. Now, Imagination Library mails out over 1 million books per month to children all over the world. Parton celebrated the 100 millionth book by donating to, and giving a reading at, the Library of Congress.

The reading – of Parton’s children’s book, Coat of Many Colors — also marks the beginning of a new initiative between Imagination Library and the Library of Congress, reports ABC news, “in which a book will be read during a live-stream and shared with libraries across the U.S.”

Parton told Good Morning America on Wednesday that she felt the presence of her parents during the landmark donation. “My daddy couldn’t read and write and that always troubled him and bothered him so I wanted to do something special for him,” she said. “So I got the idea to start this program and let my dad help me with it and he got to live long enough to hear the kids call me the ‘book lady.'”

At the Library of Congress event, Parton called the Imagination Library “the most precious” thing she has done in her life, according to The Washington Post. And she’s excited to do more: “Maybe we’ll be back for a billion.”