The author of 'Savage Harvest' has returned with another fascinating book
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For his new book, Savage Harvest author Carl Hoffman has ventured into what’s commonly referred to as Earth’s last Eden: Borneo.

Already receiving raves calling it “adventure travel at its best,” The Last Wild Men of Borneo paints a portrait of two men where there’s more than meets the eye, effectively blurring the line between saint and sinner. It tells the story of a Swiss traveler who mysteriously disappeared nearly two decades ago, and a Californian who became a renowned tribal-art collector. Both men traveled to Borneo in pursuit of “the sacred fire” of indigenous people.

The Last Wild Men of Borneo is the product of Hoffman’s extensive travels to the region, guided through jungle paths traveled by the two men himself up rivers to remote villages. Hoffman also draws on exclusive interviews with the disappeared man’s family and colleagues, and rare access to his letters and journals. It brings to vivid life the mystique of the third-largest island on the planet, emerging as a fascinating anthropological study as much as a travelogue.

Strap yourself in for this gripping, surprising ride by watching the trailer above. You can pre-order the book ahead of its March 6 release here.