Those who follow him on Twitter know that horror author Stephen King has been a rather tough and consistent critic of Donald Trump and the GOP.

But on Thursday that iconic IT author posted a tweet that he ended up walking back.

First, King fired off a snark tweet about the West Virginia accident where a train carrying dozens of members of Congress, including House Speaker Paul Ryan, hit a truck on the way to a Republican retreat:

But then readers told him the accident was fatal to the truck driver. So then he came back with this:

And then, upon further reflection, just went ahead and apologized:

Adding to the confusion: The driver was actually misreported as having died. According to CNN, the driver was seriously injured but is still alive. The wreck did cause one fatality, however, a passenger who was not a member of Congress. Otherwise, the accident caused minor injuries. “Today’s incident was a terrible tragedy,” Ryan tweeted. “We are grateful for the first responders who rushed to the scene and we pray for the victims and their families. May they all be in our thoughts right now.”

King later retweeted a call for a GoFundMe for the victim:

King himself was involved in a rather devastating accident in 1999 when a driver of a van struck the author as he was walking down a road. The author required extensive physical therapy to recover from the event.