And that doesn't even account for the hundreds of thousands of e-books that have been purchased
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Unsurprisingly, Michael Wolff’s bombshell Trump book Fire and Fury is selling like hotcakes.

NPD Bookscan announced on Wednesday that the book, which is filled with bizarre revelations about life in the Trump White House and has been challenged for its reliability, sold 29,000 copies last week, easily the top-selling book of the period. Fire and Fury was originally scheduled to be released on Tuesday, but after President Trump sent Henry Holt and Co. a cease and desist letter through his attorney, the publisher responded by bumping up its release date to last Friday.

“The first couple of days of sales figures aren’t giving us the full picture,” Kristen McLean, the NPD Group’s book industry analyst, told the Associated Press, which first reported the news. “Because of potential distribution issues related to the early release coupled with high demand, it may take a few weeks to see exactly where this book will land in comparison to other political best-sellers of the last few years.”

In addition, John Sargent, CEO of Holt parent company Macmillan, has said that digital (e-book) sales have reached around 250,000 copies, an astonishing number for a nonfiction book on current events. (The accelerated rollout of the book’s hardcover edition has made it relatively difficult to purchase, which may account for the high number.)

Fire and Fury, despite being labeled false by Trump and his staffers, has already had a significant political impact. It emerged as a phenomenon when details of the book’s revelations about Steve Bannon first surfaced; the Guardian reported that the former White House Chief Strategist called Donald Trump Jr. “unpatriotic” and “treasonous” for meeting with a Kremlin-connected Russian lawyer during the campaign. The president proceeded to attack Bannon, who, despite apologizing to the Trump family, was later dropped by Breitbart News and Sirius XM.

Fire and Fury can be purchased here.

Fire and Fury: Inside the Trump White House
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