Writer Alex de Campi wants these stories to 'break your heart, fill you with joy, and give you awkward pants feels'

By Maureen Lee Lenker
December 11, 2017 at 01:45 PM EST
Credit: Image Comics

Get ready for worlds to collide! While romance and comic books are two of the biggest genres in publishing with dedicated audiences, it’s rare to see the two mediums combine.

In Image Comics’ upcoming miniseries Twisted Romance, acclaimed writer Alex de Campi teams up with comic book artists to tell tales of love in an anthology format, with four issues released over four subsequent weeks.

“This project is a dream for me. I’m getting to collaborate with some of comics’ coolest creators and some amazing prose fiction voices,” de Campi told Ew in a statement. “So, yeah: Come February, we’re going to break your heart, fill you with joy, and give you awkward pants feels. Sometimes in the same story. Occasionally, even on the same page.”

The four issues in this month-long romance events includes main comic stories, backup comic stories, and backup prose stories spanning a wide range of themes. Stories will include the commoditization of breakups, romance between a famous guy and terribly shy girl, forbidden love in space, and the dangers of nostalgia for one’s childhood through the eyes of a princess who doesn’t want to grow up.

EW has an exclusive look at pages from the first issue in the anthology, Old Flames, that hits shelves on February 7. Old Flames features art by Katie Skelly, as well as a backup comic from Sarah Horrocks (Goro, The Leopard), and a prose story by Magen Cubed (Crashers).

“I’m thrilled to be working with Alex,” said Skelly. “I think our comic will show off our love of ’70s film—and the darkest reaches of our brains. It’s going to be such a standout on the comics stand. I think the right people will find it and really appreciate it.”

See a sneak peek of pages from Old Flames below. The comic hits shelves on Feb. 7, with one new comic in the Twisted Romance anthology releasing each week throughout the month of February.

Credit: Image Comics
Credit: Image Comics
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