'The Long Night' will debut on Stitcher next year
Credit: 20th Century Fox

Marvel is getting into the podcast game. On Tuesday, the comics publisher announced it will be partnering with Stitcher to develop its first-ever scripted podcast next year. It will focus on one of the company’s most popular superheroes, Wolverine, and will take the form of a serial mystery story.

Wolverine: The Long Night will follow a pair of federal agents, Sally Pierce (voiced by Celia Keenan-Bolger) and Tad Marshall (Ato Essandoh), as they investigate a series of murders in the fictional town of Burns, Alaska. The violence of the deaths leads them to finger Logan (Richard Armitage) as their primary suspect. But in the vein of True Detective and Twin Peaks, expect their investigation to bring to light all kinds of corruptions and mysteries inside Burns. In addition to the already-stellar cast, comedian and podcast host Chris Gethard is also set to make a cameo appearance of some kind during the podcast’s planned 10-episode run.

The series will be recorded in realistic-sounding locations to add extra ambiance to the outdoor scenes. And to make sure the podcast still has comic-book flavor, it will be written by Benjamin Percy (Green Arrow). The Long Night will also be directed by Brendan Baker, with Chloe Prasinos overseeing sound design.

Wolverine: The Long Night is set to debut in spring 2018 exclusively on Stitcher Premium, with a wide release following in the fall. Check out the official logo below, and check out EW’s list of the best podcasts of 2017 here.

Credit: Marvel