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There’s plenty to decipher in the new book Star Wars: The Rebel Files (Deluxe Edition), and we’ve got an exclusive first look.

The detailed volume, by comics expert Daniel Wallace, features an exclusive Rebel case with a two-image projection unit, a fully illustrated 176-page book, and five removable documents. It goes deep into the secrets of the Rebel Alliance: As the story goes, its most vital and sensitive information was collected by one of Mon Mothma’s most trusted aides and kept hidden — until now.

“Discover the secrets of the Rebel Alliance,” the book’s trailer teases. “As told by the heroes that fought across the galaxy.”

The pulse-pounding video, which features plenty of actual Star Wars footage, also hints at what fans can look forward to in the book: coded images, recon photos, battlefield reports, and more. In short, anyone interested in unlocking the Rebel Alliance’s secrets had better pick up a copy.

Credit: Epic Ink

Star Wars: The Rebel Files (Deluxe Edition) is available for purchase now.