November 09, 2017 at 11:36 AM EST

Andy Weir’s been busy promoting his new novel Artemis, so he’s taking a little time to spend time with the people — and totally not plug his book.

As the acclaimed author of The Martian stops to chat with people in this video filmed at Comic Con, however, he finds that a certain topic keeps coming up in conversation: the moon. A sampling of the questions he asks: What’s Michael Jackson’s signature dance move? What was the movie for which Cher won an Oscar? What do werewolves howl at?

What a coincidence, then, that Artemis takes place in a city on the moon. Weir’s new thriller centers on Jazz Bashara, a criminal-by-survival who inadvertently steps right into a conspiracy for control of the territory. Suddenly, she’s not just fighting to pay her debts — her survival is at stake, too.

Watch the video above, as Weir attempts to plug his book without exactly plugging it, and pre-order Artemis here ahead of its Nov. 14 release.

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