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Outlander Season 4 2018

An odd rumor on social media about the mortality of Claire and Jamie in the Outlander books prompted author Diana Gabaldon to reveal how she won't end her best-selling series.

On her Facebook page, Gabaldon explained how someone wrote an "absolutely blithering post" with "great confidence" that she was going to kill off her heroes in book 10, because "now that I'm a grandmother I don't want to write or do book tours anymore."

"I really don't use such language, but W.T.F?" Gabaldon wrote. "First off, nobody in their right mind wants to do book tours, but we mostly do it anyway. Secondly, why would being a grandmother affect my writing in any way, shape or form? The kid lives in Colorado and while we do visit frequently, we're not raising him. Thirdly, it'll likely be another five years before I get anywhere near the end of Book Ten."

"For the record, I don't intend to kill Jamie and Claire off," she continued. "If one of them happens to die on me, that's another issue, but no expectation of that happening at the moment, and — as is perfectly obvious from the #DailyLines and the recent publication of Seven Stones, I write a whole lot of assorted stuff, and propose to keep right on doing so, thank you very much."

And if anyone has any other questions about the future of her franchise, she suggests the curious direct their questions to her Facebook page, where she routinely engages fans.

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The Arizona-based author is in the midst of finishing Go Tell The Bees I Am Gone, the ninth tome in her series. Earlier this year, she visited the set of Outlander when it was shooting in South Africa.

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