Leia, Rey, and other female characters will be at the center of new series

Star Wars: The Force Awakens featured many story beats similar to the original 1977 film, but one area where it definitely blazed a new path for the series was in putting Rey (Daisy Ridley) at the forefront of the action. Though the original Star Wars trilogy featured less than two minutes of dialogue spoken by female characters other than Leia (Carrie Fisher), the galaxy’s heroines are finally getting some overdue attention. Next January, IDW and Lucasfilm will begin a new weekly Star Wars comic series, Star Wars Adventures: Forces of Destiny. Like the animated show on which it is based, Forces of Destiny will focus on heroines like Leia, Rey, Padme, and Ahsoka Tano, among others.

Best of all, the new comic will be helmed by a bevy of female writers and artists. Jody Houser, Delilah S. Dawson, Elsa Charretier, Beth Revis, and Devin Grayson will write for the series, while Elsa Charretier, Arianna Florean, Eva Widermann, Valentina Pinto, and Nicoletta Baldari will provide covers and interior art.

“The Forces of Destiny initiative has won over fans with its inspiring tales about these iconic heroes,” IDW Senior Editor Denton J. Tipton said in a statement. “IDW Publishing couldn’t be more excited to be part of the celebration of these beloved characters.”

Check out some early Forces of Destiny covers below.

Credit: IDW