Rose Christo was revealed as the apparent author of the infamous fan fiction last month
Credit: MacMillian

The anticipated upcoming book from supposed My Immortal author Rose Christo has been canceled.

Christo was revealed as the ostensible author of My Immortal, an infamous work of fan fiction, last month when St. Martin’s Press announced the publication of a memoir about how she used the medium to find her brother. Parent company Macmillan Publishers had listed the book, Under the Same Stars: The Search for My Brother and the True Story of My Immortal, on its website as an upcoming title for the past month; it has since been taken down.

In a Tumblr post Monday, Christo said the publisher canceled her book because of steps she took to ensure the protection of her family members’ identities. “I did something pretty stupid during the publication process,” she wrote. “I didn’t want my family’s real names getting out, largely because some of the things that happened during childhood were embarrassing. I wanted my brother, my grandparents, and even my parents to have privacy. So when it came time to provide documentation, I altered the photocopies to disguise their names.”

Christo added that Under the Same Stars wouldn’t be published at all, now that she’s been “branded a liar.” St. Martin’s has confirmed the cancellation of the book.

My Immortal has been among the internet’s greatest mysteries, with Vulture in particular conducting a wide-ranging investigation of who (and what) was behind it more than two years ago. With only a month between Christo’s memoir announcement and the cancellation of her book for reasons related to reliability, people online are already questioning whether the mystery remains unsolved.

When the memoir was announced last month, Christo detailed how she managed to partner with St. Martin’s and convince them of her alter ego. “Macmillan Publishers hired a lawyer to vet me over the course of three days,” she wrote on Tumblr. “Proofs I was able to provide included the original email address with which I signed up for and a flash drive from 2006 with the first 11 chapters of My Immortal on it.”