From 'Silver Surfer' to 'Sherlock Frankenstein,' here's what we're looking forward to reading this month
Credit: Amanda Conner; Marvel; Dark Horse

Fall is finally here, and the onset of slightly colder weather means even more opportunities to bundle up in your comfiest sweater and chill out with some comic books. Here’s EW’s roundup of five comics to look forward to this October.

Silver Surfer #14 (Marvel)
Dan Slott (writer), Michael Allred (artist)

Over the last few years, Slott and Allred have successfully turned one of Marvel’s shiniest superheroes into a trippy cosmic romance. Every issue of their run has introduced fantastic new concepts like Planet Prime (where everyone is perfect at what they do) and the Never Queen (the anthropomorphic personification of possibility), all grounded in the compelling love story between the Surfer and his human companion Dawn Greenwood. But the series hasn’t been shy about dishing out emotional beats either, and it’s a safe bet that this finale could induce This Is Us levels of tears.

Available Oct. 25 — pre-order it here

Batman #32-33 (DC)
Tom King (writer), Mikel Janin (artist), Joëlle Jones (artist)

The biggest Batman story going on in comics right now is probably Dark Nights: Metal, the event series that finds the DC Universe assaulted by a plague of nightmare Batmen from a dark dimension. But don’t sleep on the main Batman title. This month, the fantastic “War of Jokes and Riddles” story line comes to an incredible conclusion, just in time for Catwoman to answer Batman’s marriage proposal. Stay tuned to EW for more coverage on this one.

Available Oct. 4 — order here

Sherlock Frankenstein & The Legion of Evil #1 (Dark Horse)
Jeff Lemire (writer), David Rubín (artist)

Jeff Lemire’s Black Hammer, the story of superheroes stuck in hiding on a normal Midwestern farm, is one of the very best mainstream comics going right now. So in true superhero fashion, the Black Hammer Universe is now expanding with a new miniseries, which will detail some of the villains these heroes fought before they got lost. The real selling point is Rubín, whose colorful psychedelic art already turned Beowulf into one of the most awe-inspiring graphic novels of the year. Plus, the first issue sports a variant cover from none other than Hellboy creator Mike Mignola.

Available Oct. 18 — order here

Harley & Ivy Meet Betty & Veronica #1 (DC/Archie Comics)
Paul Dini (writer), Marc Andreyko (writer), Laura Braga (artist)

Harley Quinn’s yearlong 25th birthday bash continues with this crossover that pits her and good pal Poison Ivy against Riverdale’s top twosome (and recent EW cover stars). In a recent interview with EW, Harley’s creator Paul Dini even described her relationship with Ivy in a way that sounds remarkably similar to Betty and Veronica: “They care about each other a lot, they fight a lot, but they also like to hang out together and just get a pizza or watch a movie.” See what happens to Riverdale when these four collide.

Available Oct. 4 — order here

Noble Vol. 1: God Shots (Lion Forge)
Brandon Thomas (writer), Roger Robinson (artist)

Noble is the flagship title for Lion Forge’s Catalyst Prime imprint, and so the first series collection makes a great entry into this new pantheon of diverse superheroes. The title character is an astronaut named David Powell who ends up back on Earth with no memory and brand new superpowers, and constructs a new superhero identity as he tries to make his way across the world back to his beloved wife Astrid, who has secrets of her own. In an interview with EW back in April, Thomas described the mission statement for Noble: “Epic, wide-screen stories that take place all around the world, and oh yeah, they’re centered around a black male character.”

Available Oct. 24 — order here