'Harry Potter: The Wand Collection' details every major wand used in the movies
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The wand chooses the wizard — that’s one of the first things Harry Potter readers learn about the books’ magical universe. Although a witch or wizard’s wand is not sentient in any real sense, it does forge a unique connection with its user. To explain the nature of those unique connections, Insight Editions is releasing a book in November detailing the nature of each major Harry Potter character’s relationship with their wand.

Harry Potter: The Wand Collection provides a detailed look at each major wand used in the Harry Potter films, along with a breakdown of what it’s made of and why that matters. Harry and Voldemort, of course, both have wands with a phoenix feather core (drawn from Dumbledore’s own phoenix, Fawkes) and that connection has major consequences for the series. Ron Weasley, for his part, goes through a couple different wands over the course of the series as they’re broken and misplaced — all three are examined here.

Harry Potter: The Wand Collection is due out Nov. 14. Check out the cover below, and order it here.

Credit: Insight Editions