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By Nivea Serrao
June 21, 2017 at 10:00 AM EDT
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Doctor Who will be stepping into the World of Hargreaves yet again. And this time the incarnation of the popular Time Lord getting his own Mr. Men book will be none other than the Tenth Doctor.

The latest book, titled Dr. Tenth: Christmas Surprise, will see the titular Doctor and his companion Donna (played by David Tennant and Catherine Tate on TV) go on an adventure on Christmas Eve after Donna mentions she’s looking forward to a holiday surprise, and the Doctor decides to grant her one. And now, EW can now exclusively reveal the cover of the upcoming book — which sees the pointy-nosed Doc in all his wintery wonder — which will be available in hardcover.

Tennant — who now voices Scrooge McDuck on Disney’s Ducktales reboot — played the Doctor for 3 seasons (2005-2010), with the Tenth Doctor now considered one of the series’ most popular.

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But that’s not the only surprise awaiting fans of the long-running British sci-fi show this holiday season. Readers will now be able to pick up a special box set containing the book of every Doctor who’s been Mr. Men-ized so far (First, Second, Fourth, Seventh, Eight, Night, Eleventh, and Twelfth). The set, called The Doctors: Time and Space Collection, will come in a special collectible box and on a poster featuring all-new artwork by Adam Hargreaves (son of original Mr. Men creator Roger). You can get an exclusive look at the cover for that below.

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“The tricky bit about drawing the Doctors as Mr. Men is finding a balance between getting a good caricature and resemblance of the real actor and also maintaining a true Mr. Men style. I have tried to avoid just drawing a cartoon version of a Doctor’s face and then plonking this in a circle with arms and legs,” Hargreaves told EW earlier this year. “A Mr. Man story is an exploration of one particular human characteristic or emotion which my dad did by taking that personification and placing it in the world and then highlighting this absurdity using his daft, silly sense of humor. How would your day unfold if you were only possessed of a grumpy nature? What sort of job would you do if you could only rush around manically?”

You can preorder Dr. Tenth here (U.S.), and here (U.K.). You can also preorder The Doctors box set here.

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