Bounty hunter Ben Madsen is in way over his head

By Christian Holub
June 08, 2017 at 12:35 PM EDT
Credit: Vault Comics

Comics are so big these days, even Mark Wahlberg is getting involved. A new series from Vault Comics,

A new series from Vault Comics, Alien Bounty Hunter, is produced by Wahlberg and his fellow Ballers producer Stephen Levinson, who created the book.

The comic — co-written by Vault editor-in-chief Adrian F. Wassel and David M. Booher with art from Nick Robles — focuses on Ben Madsen, an experienced bounty hunter. When his latest target turns out to be extraterrestrial, Madsen has to track him through an alien enclave, hidden right here on Earth.

“Some of today’s greatest film franchises originated as comics. We always try to get involved with the story telling process from its inception,” Wahlberg and Levinson said in a statement. “With Alien Bounty Hunter, we are creating a new hero’s origin story.”

The mix of science-fiction and a badass hero is not unlike Wahlberg’s own role in the Transformers franchise. Though there are no plans for an Alien Bounty Hunter movie yet, Wahlberg and Levinson are certainly looking to adapt the story across media platforms.

“I see Alien Bounty Hunter as a magic show,” Wassel told EW in a statement. “Every time you think you know the trick, we turn over a card and reveal a new illusion. We built a world that gave us room to reimagine every chase scene and daring escape sequence we loved as kids, all in one setting. And at the center of that crazy world, we placed Ben Madsen — who is truly the Dr. Henry ‘Indiana’ Jones Jr. of today.”

Wassel and Booher are writing scripts from a story originally devised by Levinson and his collaborator F.J. DeSanto.

“When I first met with Lev to discuss Alien Bounty Hunter, I was blown away by his ideas for a new sci-fi series,” DeSanto told EW in a statement. “Together, we spent months meticulously working to flesh out this concept to build a fun and unique world that has now become the springboard for what I believe is a truly special comic book series. Adrian, David, Nick and the team at Vault and Leverage have taken our initial story idea and developed it into an amazing and unexpected adventure that I think audiences will enjoy tremendously.”

Alien Bounty Hunter will debut at San Diego Comic-Con in July with a show-exclusive cover and then become a monthly series. Check out an exclusive preview of the first issue below.

Credit: Vault Comics
Credit: Vault Comics
Credit: Vault Comics
Credit: Vault Comics