Watch an exclusive clip from the comedian's upcoming memoir

By Derek Lawrence
June 05, 2017 at 10:30 AM EDT

Kevin Hart has his eyes set on being a mogul. That mission has led him to conquer stand-up, TV, movies, and even music. Now, he’s tackling the world of literature.

For his upcoming book I Can’t Make This Up: Life Lessons, the comedian is telling his own story, while also trying to help others realize the keys to his success. In doing so, he’s bringing his trademark energy and humor that made him a household name.

So when it came to recording the audio version for Audible, he wasn’t afraid to go off book, often improvising and adding new details that weren’t on the page.

“If Kevin Hart’s going to read a book, you want Kevin Hart to read a book,” he told EW during a break from recording. “If I just sat there, [monotonous voice] ‘And then, they came back and that’s when the time came, and the next part of my life was this right here.’ What is the point of me doing it? I can have anybody narrate my book. But if I’m going to narrate my book, I’m going to narrate my book. I’m going to give you a show-like performance within the narration, where you are so intrigued, you don’t want to press the stop button.”

Watch an exclusive clip above, and listen to an audio clip below, which features some of that improvisation.

Look for the full interview with Hart in an upcoming issue of EW. In the meantime, beginning Tuesday, download the audio version of I Can’t Make This Up here.