By Nivea Serrao
May 18, 2017 at 11:41 AM EDT
Regular Show and Adventure Time
Credit: Cartoon Network

Come on and grab your friends because it’s an Adventure Time/Regular Show crossover!

KaBOOM! (an imprint of BOOM! Studios) will be launching a comic crossover starting in August. Aptly titled Adventure Time/Regular Show, the series will see Adventure Time‘s Princess Bubblegum send Finn and Jake on a quest to find The Power, the only thing that can save Ooo from the powerful new villain threatening to conquer it. Only there’s one hitch — Regular Show‘s Skips is hiding it.

But when Finn and Jake show up in Mordecai and Rigby’s city on their quest for The Power, it strains an existing tension between the two fun-loving bros. To make matters worse worse, the ensuing trip back to Ooo sparks problems between Finn and Jake, putting two friendships in danger.

Writer Conor McCreery will team up with artist Mattia Di Meo for the series based on two of Cartoon Network’s most beloved shows, both of which have their own ongoing comics. Phil Murphy will be the illustrator.

Adventure Time and Regular Show are two of the funniest things ever. They are so weird, with a crazy internal logic I love,” McCreery tells EW. “I love stories that jam in a ton, and this book is going to do that. I’ve been trying to sneak in as many references to the shows as possible, while still leaving plenty of space for your favorite pairs of bros and their best friends.”

McCreery notes that the story is going to test both sets of friendships, but it will also make clear how powerful having Rigby, Mordecai, Finn, or Jake as a friend really is.

“Expect a LOT of craziness. Expect a lot of friendship. Expect monsters. Expect punches. Expect patoots. Maybe even expect… Hambonning!” McCreery teases readers. “Plus, how much fun is it to have these guys meet and hang with each other? Oh, and it’s got a totally math new villain!”

Adds editor Whitney Leopard, “This story has two of my favorite shows colliding into one crazy adventure. Everyone should be excited! Conor and Mattia are a great team and each issue has something crazy to offer for every reader.”

Adventure Time/Regular Show will be available for purchase starting in August. You can get an exclusive first look at two of the first issue’s covers below.

Regular Show and Adventure Time Comic Book
Credit: kaboom!
Regular Show and Adventure Time Comic Book
Credit: kaboom!

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