Applying the Mad Hatter's advice to 2017

By Christian Holub
May 12, 2017 at 09:54 AM EDT
Credit: Showtime

President Donald Trump had quite a few things to say on Twitter Friday morning. Days into the media firestorm ignited by his firing of FBI Director James Comey, Trump decided to address the strange discrepancies in recent days between his own statements on the Comey firing and those offered by media surrogates like Sarah Huckabee Sanders at White House press briefings. The president took to his favorite social media platform, Twitter, and suggested ending such briefings altogether. In J.K. Rowling’s view, however, he’d probably do better just ending his Twitter tirades.

“The Fake Media is working overtime today!” Trump tweeted, and then added, “Maybe the best thing to do would be to cancel all future press briefings and hand out written responses for the sake of accuracy??”

Rowling screenshotted the three-part thread and invoked a quote from Alice of Wonderland of all things. In that book, Alice begins to say “I didn’t think,” and which point she’s cut off by the Mad Hatter, who interjects, “Then you shouldn’t talk.” Some advice from Rowling to Trump, courtesy of Lewis Carroll.