The author fictionalized Laura Bush's life in 2008 with American Wife
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Hillary Clinton As Wellesley College Senior
Credit: John M. Hurley/The Boston Globe/Getty Images

Curtis Sittenfeld, whose 2008 novel, American Wife, fictionalized the life of First Lady Laura Bush, is making another famous first lady the subject of her next novel: Hillary Rodham. And that’s right, there’s no “Clinton” attached here — well, not if fictional Hillary can help it.

According to a press release from Sittenfeld’s publisher, Random House, this still-untitled novel is “told from the point of view of Hillary Rodham, in which (as she did in real life) she turns down marriage proposals from Bill Clinton, then ultimately turns him down once and for all, and how her life spins out from there.”

This forthcoming novel is part of a new three-book deal for Sittenfeld with Random House.

This news of Hillary Clinton’s forthcoming fictionalization follows the announcement that her real husband, President Bill Clinton, is writing a novel with author James Patterson called The President Is Missing.