As many a Harry Potter fan may now know, May 2 marks the anniversary of the Battle of Hogwarts, the day of the boy wizard’s last stand against Voldemort himself.

Of course, as with all fights against evil, there are casualties, causing almost every reader of the popular series to mourn the loss of a favorite character. So for the last few years, author J.K. Rowling has taken to apologizing for killing off various characters, including Fred Weasley and Remus Lupin. But this year, her choice is a little more controversial: Severus Snape.

The potions professor (and former Death Eater) is a divisive character among Harry Potter fans, as while he did save Harry’s life on a few occasions, he also made his life as a student quite hard — due in part to his love for Harry’s mother Lily and residual resentment for Harry’s father James. So it’s no surprise that Rowling’s announcement has caused a range of emotions among fans on Twitter, which you can see below: