By Nivea Serrao
April 26, 2017 at 11:00 AM EDT
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Juliette Ferrars’ story is far from over! Tahereh Mafi, who first introduced readers to the character in her bestselling Shatter Me series, will be continuing her adventures in a new three-book arc, EW can announce exclusively.

Restore Me, Mafi’s latest novel in the series, will follow the new Supreme Commander as she attempts to lead Sector 45 with Warner at her side. But when tragedy strikes, Juliette will be tested, leading her to see if she can use her ability (to kill with a single touch) after all.

With Mafi set to continue the series, EW caught up with the Furthermore author to get the details on what fans can expect in the next three books.

ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY: When did you realize there was more to Juliette’s story?
MAFI: About a year ago, I had a meeting with the screenwriter for the still-in-development TV show, who, in describing something, was struggling to recall a character’s last name. The problem was, I couldn’t remember this character’s last name either. It had been a couple of years since the series ended, and I needed a refresher. That day I went home and began a reread of the books for no reason but to reacquaint myself with the story. But by the time I finished the last book in the series, I realized something that only time and distance had been able to teach me: At the end of Ignite Me, Juliette’s story had only just begun. I saw very clearly then what the next steps in her journey had to be, and I was suddenly anxious to bring the world back to life.

How has it been returning to this character and this world after having written something else?
It was like un-pausing a movie I’d thought was over. The minute I sat down to write the new book the characters sprang back to life, fully-formed and ready to talk. This new installment takes place just two weeks after Ignite Me ends, so it was all very familiar. And so much fun.

Juliette ended the last series in charge of Sector 45. What’s in store for her now?
A great deal of heartache. She has no idea what she’s gotten herself into.

What are you excited for your fans to discover in the new series?
A little surprise for the readers: Restore Me will be told from the dual POVs of Juliette and Warner. Readers who’ve read Warner’s novella, Destroy Me, will understand how distinct his voice is from Juliette’s, and how his perspective can provide a much-needed balance to Juliette’s interior world. It was really interesting — and, I think, critical to the book — to do a deep dive into their very different minds.

But the thing I’d most like to say, above all else, is this: these books are still alive and thriving — 6 years after their initial publication — because of the fans. I’m everyday astounded that people are still finding these books and telling their friends about them, and I can’t articulate in any number of words how grateful I am for the love and support. If you’re reading this now, dear reader, please know that these books are for you. Thank you, thank you, for your excitement, your thousands of emails, your heartfelt messages, your general enthusiasm — and for following Juliette’s journey all these years. I can’t wait for you to read part four in the Shatter Me series!

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