The new game will allow players to inhabit Camp Firewood
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WET HOT AMERICAN SUMMER: FIRST DAY OF CAMP, Amy Poehler (left), (Season 1, airs July 31, 2015).
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When people talk about "role-playing games," they usually refer to the standard-bearer, Dungeons & Dragons, or one of its many knockoffs in which players create a fantasy character and use dice and statistics to maneuver them through an imaginary world of monsters and allies. But now, thanks to Kickstarter, fans of a certain cult movie are trying to fund a different kind of RPG, one in which players struggle with drugs, sex, and talking vegetables rather than orcs and dungeons. That's right: Wet Hot American Summer is coming to tabletop gaming.

Wet Hot American Summer: Fantasy Camp is a game set in the fictional world of Camp Firewood, as made famous in both the original film and the recent Netflix prequel series. As viewers of the movie and show know, there's no such thing as a normal day at Camp Firewood — at any time there could be UFOs in the area or talking cans of vegetables offering sage advice. Players will get to roleplay as either a camper or a counselor and can either create an original character or inhabit an already-existing favorite like Michael Showalter's Coop or Paul Rudd's Andy (in fact, the whole rulebook is designed to look like Andy's "gernal"). Director and co-creator David Wain wrote a forward to the rulebook, while actors Michael Ian Black, Joe Lo Truglio, and Marguerite Moreau were interviewed for sections on how best to play their characters McKinley, Neil, and Katie. Possible story paths include "Save The Camp," "Bonfire Boinking," or pursuing "Superstardom."

The Kickstarter for Wet Hot American Summer: Fantasy Camp launched Tuesday from The Devastator. If fully funded, backers can receive either digital or physical copy. Perks for supporting include postcards from Camp Firewood, autographs from game creators Geoffrey Golden and Lee Keeler, and a bottle of "dick cream" (or is that "stick team"?).

Check out a sample of Wet Hot American Summer: Fantasy Camp below. Fans also have the upcoming sequel series, Wet Hot American Summer: Ten Years Later, to look forward to later this year.

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