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Alec Baldwin
Credit: Evan Agostini/Invision/AP

Alec Baldwin's candid memoir, Nevertheless, has finally been released. And while it does feature the celebrity tell-all elements we'd hoped for — anecdotes about A-listers and the real stories behind the events of his life we've seen play out in the tabloids — the book has something more, too: paragraphs of undeniably lovely and resonant prose.

Below, we've gathered the most memorable lines from the book, like his descriptions of Kim Basinger and Mary Louise Parker and his opinion of the current political climate ("a tsunami of… raw bile"). Nevertheless by Alec Baldwin is available now.

On his ex-wife Kim Basinger

"Wry one minute and awkward the next, with her angular features framed by her signature corona of blonde hair, Kim is a creature, an object like a leopard or an orchid or a magnificent mountain lake."

On the birth of his older daughter

"I would stare at Ireland, mesmerized, and say to her tiny being, 'My God, it's you! I wondered who would show up and it's you!'"

On Mary Louise Parker

"With her big eyes and lanky frame, you weren't sure if she was a ballet dancer or a murderer."

On that infamous voicemail message he left for his daughter Ireland in 2007

"Divorce itself is child abuse… I think the worst thing one can do is put a child in the middle of these battles. That is what I did. And I am reminded of it and I am sorry for it every day."

On his marriage to Basinger

"Marriage is a fragile and, presumably, valuable object. Even as we deliberately smash it on the ground, we are compelled to sweep up all of the pieces and attempt to put it back together."

On moviemaking

"When you are the apple that falls from the studio movie star tree and you're ready to be made into the applesauce of the independent film world, the transition is frustrating and humbling."

On Anthony Hopkins

"Hopkins has numerous gifts, and it is, of course, his voice that casts his spell. Like the French horn solo from Tchaikovsky's Fifth, he simply opens his mouth and his work is halfway done."

On Hollywood

"There are actors who are drug-addled, fornicating madmen… There are actresses whose vanity and lack of self-awareness are so dense, you could split the atoms of their egos and fuel a reactor."

On the current political climate

"A tsunami of such raw bile, excreted by those Americans with a boundless suspicion of or abject hatred for anything unlike themselves, propelled Donald Trump to be elected president of the United States."

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