By Nivea Serrao
March 27, 2017 at 10:00 AM EDT
Michael Buckner/Getty Images

Charlaine Harris has a TV show hitting the air in a few months, and now, fans can also look forward to a new book series from the popular author.

EW can exclusively announce that the True Blood and Midnight Texas author will be publishing a new book series, the first in which will be the novel Texoma, hitting shelves this fall.

The book is based on one of Harris’ earlier short stories, “The Gunnie,” and is set in an alternate history of the United States — one that sees the country split into six territories after being weakened by the Great Depression as well as the assassination of Franklin Delano Roosevelt. Among the new territories are the original colonies of New Britannia (minus Georgia), the Canadian-controlled New America, the southeastern Dixie, the Holy Russian Empire colonies of California and Oregon, and of course, the southwestern Texoma.

The central mystery of the novel will follow the independent Lizbeth Rose, a mercenary on a manhunt, hired by Russian sorcerers in a Mexican border town.

“All writers love ‘what if’,” said Harris in a statement. “I became fascinated by the idea of writing about an alternate America, seen through the eyes of a professional gun-for-hire who happens to be a woman.”

Texoma is currently slated for release in Fall 2018.