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March 20, 2017 at 12:30 PM EDT

Fans of Robert Caro will want to listen up as the Pulitzer Prize winner’s next project will be available solely in audio.

Titled On Power, it will see the two-time National Book Award-winning historian (and former journalist) delve into the lives of President Lyndon Johnson and New York City urban planner Robert Moses as Caro reflects on what drew him to study political power and how it works.

Caro will be narrating the project — an exclusive to Audible — which will mark the first (and only) time he’s doing so. Adapted from two of his recent speeches, the author’s reflections will take on a much more casual and personal tone than any of his books.

“Why political power? Because it shapes all of our lives… in ways that you might never think about,” said Caro in a statement. “Every time a young man goes to college on a federal education bill passed by Lyndon Johnson, that’s political power. And so is a young man dying in Vietnam. Every time an elderly person is able to afford an MRI, that’s Medicare. That’s political power. It affects your life in all sorts of ways.”

Caro continued: “My books are an attempt to explain this power… Because the more America understands about political power, the better informed our votes will be, and then, hopefully, the better our democracy should be.”

On Power will be available for purchase on May 9 through Audible. Preorder it here.

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