By Nivea Serrao
March 15, 2017 at 10:46 AM EDT

Jughead Jones has had his share of fantastical (and genre-jumping) adventures on his solo comic series so far. But now the character — who is notably asexual — will be going on his most uncharted adventure yet: His first date.

The girl he’ll be meeting for dinner? None other than teenage witch Sabrina, another Archie fan favorite.

“They’re the two most competent characters in Riverdale,” said writer Ryan North (Unbeatable Squirrel Girl) of the pairing, who aren’t quite like their girl- or boy-crazy classmates. “Jughead‘s outside it all — a rock of calmness. And Sabrina has literal magical powers but she has to keep them secret, so she’s forced to [keep] her distance from everyone else, too.”

It’s this sense of being an outsider that North felt that both characters could relate to. Especially after Sabrina summons some supernatural assistance to help her date go more smoothly… only for it to backfire, forcing her to call on everyone’s favorite cheeseburger fan for assistance.

“I thought it’d be great to see [Jughead and Sabrina] come together, maybe see a little of themselves in each other, and see where that takes them,” says North about their connection. “Spoiler alert: It takes them to fighting a giant horse monster.”

For North, the draw of writing Jughead wasn’t just the Archie characters themselves — it was also artist Derek Charm.

“His renditions of the Riverdale gang are so expressive and true to the core of the characters, but also so fresh and funny,” says North of collaborating with Charm. “As excited as I was to come on the book and write these characters I’d known since I was a child, it was even more exciting to get to work with Derek. He knocks it out of the park in every chapter, and I was privileged to write a giant horse monster for him to draw.”

Jughead Vol. 2 is currently in stores now. You can read exclusive pages from Jughead and Sabrina’s first date below.