H&M And Cara Delevingne Celebrate Opening Of New Location At Westfield World Trade Center
Credit: Craig Barritt/Getty Images for H&M

Who’s got the newest novel of them all? Well, that would be Cara Delevingne.

The model-turned-actress announced her debut novel Tuesday morning through an Instagram post (below) that featured her holding up the manuscript. In the caption, Delevingne calls it “a twisty coming-of-age story.”

Titled Mirror, Mirror, the book tells the story of Red, Leo, Naima, and Rose, four 16-year-old bandmates (and friends) whose lives completely change when Naima dies. She leaves behind only the word “Sorry.”

Attempting to cope with the loss of their friend, Rose begins partying and Leo goes into dark moods, while Red attempts to find out not only how she missed the warning signs, but also what secret Naima was hiding, and who (or what) could be responsible for her death.

“Another pinch me moment!! So EXCITED!!!” said the Valerian actress at the top of her announcement. “I love these characters so much, I love what they stand for, what this story represents. The process of putting this novel together has been life changing and something I hold really close to my heart!! I cannot wait to share with everyone!”

She continued: “Lets start one big virtual book club!!! Cause I want us to talk about this time in life, self discovery, friendship, pain, triumph!! Being a teenager!! The experiences that shape YOU!”

Mirror, Mirror hits U.K. bookshelves this Oct. 5. No American release date has been announced yet.