"It is patriotism, as I define it, not as a divisive cudgel but a common purpose."
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Dan Rather, former CBS newsman and proponent of Donald Trump, is busy writing something new. In a message to his Facebook followers on Thursday, the veteran journalist announced the release of What Unites Us, an upcoming book on patriotism.

"I want to share my sense of the basic tenets that I see as the foundation of the country I hold so dear. It is patriotism, as I define it, not as a divisive cudgel but a common purpose," Rather writes. "It is also a patriotism that will not ignore the sins of our nation, but challenge them honestly and head on. So in the book, I will be exploring themes that I see as fundamental to holding together this great experiment in democracy."

Since Trump's rise, Rather called the presidential win a threat that could "crumble some of the foundations of our democratic institutions," and noted Trump "crossed a line with dangerous potential" during his campaign. But he promises his book will be "less tied to the headline of the moment."

According to the official website for Rather's publisher Algonquin Books, What Unites Us is described as "a collection of wholly original essays" about "the institutions that sustain us, such as public libraries, public schools, and national parks; the values that have transformed us, such as the struggle for civil rights; and the drive towards science and innovation that have made the United States great."

Rather's message to his Facebook followers continues, "As we all know, we live in turbulent and disorienting times. And yet conversing with all of you has renewed my optimism in this nation and its people. I love the United States. I love the noble ideals under which it was founded. And I am in awe of the commitment of countless brave men and women who have toiled and sacrificed so that the truths we hold to be self-evident can be felt by all Americans – regardless of race, gender, religion (or lack thereof), and whom they choose to love, and how. It's an imperfect journey, but we have come too far to give up the fight for justice." <iframe src="https://www.facebook.com/plugins/post.php?href=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.facebook.com%2FtheDanRather%2Fposts%2F10158323604955716&amp;width=500" width="500" height="622" scrolling="no" frameborder="0" allowtransparency="true" class="" allowfullscreen="" resize="0" replace_attributes="1" name=""></iframe>׍öõÏã͵k]=mîk]:qß6áÞÜéÎ<Ó½6

What Unites Us will hit shelves on Nov. 7. Pre-orders are being accepted now.