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Literary great Jennifer Egan has announced her first book since releasing the 2010 Pulitzer Prize-winning novel, A Visit From the Goon Squad.

The book, titled Manhattan Beach, was announced Friday and will be published in October by Scribner. Manhattan Beach is a World War II story that tells the intertwined stories of pioneering protagonist Anna Kerrigan, the Brooklyn Navy Yard’s only female diver, her father, Eddie Kerrigan, a union man with ties to the mob, and Eddie’s boss, nightclub owner Dexter Styles.

“Exhilarating though it was to immerse myself in an underworld of gangsters and sailors, the real imaginative leap in Manhattan Beach was into a time when the rules governing female behavior were still so rigid. The underground nature of female strength and sexuality allowed for a heroine-driven adventure story that would be hard to cast in contemporary America,” said Egan in a statement.

“Jennifer Egan is one of the greatest living American writers, and we are overjoyed to publish her magnificent new novel at Scribner. Manhattan Beach is an extraordinary portrait of this country before and during World War II, a time of sweeping transformation and opportunity. Deeply researched and with daring characters, it is Egan’s most majestic work,” said Nan Graham, Egan’s editor and Senior Vice President and Publisher of Scribner. Graham acquired North American and audio rights for the book from Amanda Urban of ICM Partners.

Jennifer Egan’s other books are The Keep, Emerald City, Look at Me, and The Invisible Circus, which was adapted into a film starring Cameron Diaz. She has also been published in The New Yorker, Harper’s, Granta, McSweeney’s, and The New York Times Magazine.

Manhattan Beach washes ashore Oct. 3.