March 02, 2017 at 01:06 PM EST

With a book title like Nemesis, it would seem like the last thing Brendan Reichs would want to do is go on tour. But as EW can share exclusively, that’s just what author of the upcoming YA thriller plans to do. Lucky for Reichs, he’ll be joined by other author friends at each stop. (See the full list of tour dates and guests below.)

Nemesis tells the story of Min, who keeps getting murdered on her birthday every two years, only to awaken the next day unhurt and with no evidence of the crime, and nightmare-plagued Noah, who discovers that the people in his life are lying to him. With an asteroid hurtling towards Earth, both teens scramble to uncover the truth and discover a wider conspiracy.

Ahead of Reichs’ announcement, EW spoke to Reichs about whether he really trusts some of the people who’ll be joining him.

ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY: Considering the book is titled Nemesis, what made you decide to bring friends along on the tour?
Reichs: I firmly believe in the concept of “safety in numbers.” By inviting close friends to help me release Nemesis, I’ll both have more fun and increase my chances of avoiding getting hit by the first water balloon. Some like to call this a “herd defense,” but I think of it as plain common sense. Also, these are amazing, wonderful, talented people who will make me look smart and witty by osmosis. Never underestimate the power of osmosis.   

Your book features unreliable narrators. How certain are you that you can trust the people joining you on your tour?
Not at all. A major part of this tour will be discovering how each plans to betray me, and determining how to stop them. Plus we’ll eat snacks. You have to tread carefully among writers for teens. The public might not be aware of the underground dance-off culture prevalent in the young adult literary community, but we meet regularly on deserted islands to award championship belts. Aveyard has like five of them. 

What are you most excited about in terms of doing a book tour?
I love visiting schools and talking to real live teens face to face on their turf. On tour I get to do that every day. Plus, the store visits are great—who wouldn’t be excited to visit a phenomenal bookstore every night? And on this tour I get to goof off with a close writer buddy at each stop. Novelists spend a huge amount of time alone at our desks, with only our imaginations and insecurities for company. I’ve spent entire weeks where I never really got dressed. Getting out and about among actual readers and writers is soul-nourishing, and I’m fired up about doing it.

In all seriousness, I don’t think everyone knows how truly supportive and encouraging the young adult literary community can be. The Nemesis & Friends tour is six nights in six cities, and I’m truly blessed and humbled that these great authors have donated their time and energy to be a part of it. It’s a fantastic group of people, and they are only a small section of the great authors working in YA today. I love my job and the people I get to work with on the road. I hope you can feel me smiling through your computer screen. 

Nemesis hits shelves March 21. You can see a full list of Reich’s tour, below:

Nemesis & Friends Tour

Tuesday, March 21
With Renée Ahdieh (The Rose and the Dagger)
Barnes & Noble — The Arboretum, 7:00PM
Charlotte, NC

Wednesday, March 22
With Ryan Graudin (Blood for Blood)
Blue Bicycle Books, 5:00PM
Charleston, SC

Thursday, March 23
With Danielle Paige (The End of Oz)
The Bethesda Library, 7:00PM
Bethesda, MD
(Books sold by Politics & Prose)

Friday, March 24
With Veronica Roth (Carve the Mark)
The Auditorium, 7:00PM
Chicago, IL
(Tickets must be purchased through The Book Cellar)

Saturday, March 25
With James Dashner (The Fever Code)
The Provo Library, 7:00PM
Provo, UT
(Tickets purchased through Kings English Bookshop, who will also be selling the book that night)

Sunday, March 26
With Victoria Aveyard (Kings Cage)
Barnes & Noble — The Grove, 2:00PM
Los Angeles, CA
(Limited wristbands available with book purchase)

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