By Anthony Breznican
February 17, 2017 at 03:20 PM EST
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Credit: Lucas Film

What became of the most divisive creature in the galaxy?

J.J. Abrams joked that he wanted to place a Jar Jar-shaped skeleton in the background of a desert scene in The Force Awakens. Fans have imagined much more gruesome ends for the clumsy, gibberish-spewing alien from the prequels. But until now, no one has known for sure.

The person who ended up with Jar Jar Binks’ fate in his hands turned out to be author Chuck Wendig, who reveals the whereabouts of the Gungan goofball in his new book Star Wars: Aftermath – Empire’s End, the third book in his trilogy about the events happening immediately after Return of the Jedi.

As the last remnants of the Empire steer toward a final battle with the Rebellion over the wasteland of Jakku, Wending cuts away to reveal what’s happening in some of the further corners of the galaxy. One such chapter takes us back to Naboo, where decades after the events of The Phantom Menace, the homeworld of Queen Amidala is camp for refugees fleeing the Empire’s galactic devastation.

Among those offering comfort to some of the battle-scarred children stranded there is an old Gungan who clowns in a fountain and offers what meager supplies he has to those with even less.

We won’t spoil much else from the scene (the book hits shelves on Tuesday), but even for die-hard Jar Jar-cynics, Wendig’s vision of the character may conjure unexpected emotion. To be so hated, to have been cast aside (both within the story, and by the franchise), and still have some measure of grace and goodness…

It’s no so much that Jar Jar is redeemed. But at long last, those who despise him may find some sympathy for the Gungan.

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