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February 13, 2017 at 01:37 PM EST

Piers Morgan may claim not to have read Harry Potter, but now he has no excuses not to.

Big Green Bookshop, a bookstore in North London has been tweeting Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone, one line at a time, at the former Celebrity Apprentice winner.

According to Simon Key, the man running the account, the act was inspired by Morgan’s comment about his unfamiliarity with the popular series—something he stated in the midst of a Twitter feud with Harry Potter scribe J.K. Rowling herself.

“I’m doing it because Piers clearly spends all day on Twitter staring at his timeline,” Mr. Key told Sky News. “He clearly needs a bit of a break from all the abuse, so as he mentioned that he hasn’t read any J.K. Rowling, rather than having to tear himself away from Twitter to read it, I’d tweet him… Obviously I’m sending it in bitesize chunks, which hopefully he’ll be able to cope with, rather than giving him the daunting process of reading a whole book.” 

Morgan responded to Key’s tweets Monday afternoon, calling Rowling’s words “homo-erotic garbage” and “crap.”

“Not exactly Dickens or Shakespeare is it?” He tweeted, before adding, “This is some of the worst prose ever written.”

Having started Saturday evening, Key is currently on 261 of what is will eventually be 32,567 tweets.

Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone (also known as Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone in the U.K.) is the first in the best-selling book series and tells the story of Harry Potter, a young boy who discovers that he’s a wizard, and later attends Hogwarts, school of witchcraft and wizardry—only to discover that Voldemort, the evil wizard responsible for his parents’ death, has returned.

See some of the Big Green Bookshop’s tweets below.

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