Ali Wong Comedy
Credit: Alex Crick/Netflix

You may have experienced Ali Wong’s witty words on her Netflix comedy special Baby Cobra; now get ready to experience them on the page,

The American Housewife actress and Fresh Off the Boat writer will publish her first book, a collection of letters to her one-year-old daughter, offering advice and sharing her own personal experiences, in 2018 via Random House, the publisher announced Monday.

“Each letter will share advice and personal experiences on such things as finding Mr. Right, leaning in versus lying down, and her journey in stand-up comedy,” Random House reveals in a statement.

“This is a book about my life offstage,” says Wong. “I’m very excited to share all of these stories about my childhood, dating, and failure that I’ve never been able to tell onstage. I have so many but they are just not right for stand-up. However, they are perfect for a book and a great way to make people laugh in their own homes… without me having to leave my own home.”

The book is still untitled but is expected to hit shelves in 2018.