Sean Spicer
Credit: CNN

Sean Spicer may not want to define the word betrayal, but Merriam-Webster is happy to do it for him.

During a contentious press briefing on Tuesday, the White House press secretary contended that acting Attorney General Sally Yates committed an act of “betrayal” by refusing to defend the executive order on the immigration ban. The use of the word “betrayal” didn’t sit well with many reporters, with one challenging Spicer to define the word, to which he responded, “I’m not going to define the word.”

Specializing in defining words, Merriam-Webster soon stepped in to do what Spicer wouldn’t. The dictionary’s website reports that searches for the definition of betrayal spiked after the briefing, so they decided to clear it up for Spicer and everyone else.

Betrayal is the noun that came from the verb betray, which has several meanings, including ‘to deliver to an enemy by treachery,’ ‘to fail or desert especially in time of need,’ ‘to reveal unintentionally,’ and ‘to disclose in violation of confidence,'” the site defined. “Betrayal means ‘the act of betraying or fact of being betrayed.'”

Watch video below of Spicer’s debate over the word.