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Is there a Harry Potter spell where you utterly annihilate an online troll with a curse so devastating there’s no possible counter?

If not, J.K. Rowling needs to come up with a name for one, because that’s exactly what she did to a random snarker who dared to utter an unforgivable hex in her direction.

It all started when Rowling threw out a Winston Churchill quote on Monday amid her criticism of Donald Trump’s new immigration restrictions:

To which this person replied:

Rowling considered a moment, drew her Twitter wand, and flung back this within two minutes::

Which is like:

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Rowling has not suffered fools on Twitter over the last few days. On Sunday, she fired off a tweet to Vice President Mike Pence after citing his 2015 tweet that criticized Trump’s campaign claim about banning Muslims from entering the United States (“Calls to ban Muslims from entering the U.S. are offensive and unconstitutional”).

Pence should probably avoid replying to her.

UPDATE: Rowling has replied to a couple fans remarking on this exchange, most amusingly.