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February 01, 2017 at 06:07 AM EST

America (Comic)

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If you’re not yet excited for Marvel’s America, Joe Quinones has provided potential readers with a great reason to be.

The artist for the America Chavez series gave fans a preview of the second cover of the series, which pays tribute to Beyoncé’s now iconic “Formation” video.

In the cover, which you can see below, America sports an outfit similar to the Lemonade singer’s. But instead of an all black ensemble, the clothes are decorated with the stars and stripes of the American flag—even her white and blue top hat references Uncle Sam.

“I realized early on that Gabby and I were both Bey fans and knew we had to homage her in the book,” said Quinones in a statement to EW. “America is a comic that is all about representation, feminism and fighting for what’s right. America Chavez hits hard, looks fabulous and makes no apologies along the way. I could think of no better parallel than Beyoncé. So glad to see it being received so well. See y’all in March!”

Appearing on the cover alongside the beloved hero—who’s been a fan favorite since her appearance in Young Avengers—are Captain Marvel and Monica Rambeau, who once held the title of Captain Marvel herself. They both serve as her teammates on the Ultimates.

YA author Gabby Rivera (Juliet Takes a Breath) will be writing the series featuring the queer Latina superhero, which will see her defend the Earth from alien hordes while traveling through different dimensions to attend class and make time for a personal life.

America will be out March 2017, featuring a variety of variant covers, including one by Jamie McKelvie, one-half of the creative team on Young Avengers. Quinones’ Beyoncé-inspired cover will be available in the second issue, which will be out in April.

Joe Quinones/Marvel

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