When We Rise creator Dustin Lance Black to publish memoir about his mother and growing up in the south.
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Dustin Lance Black, the Oscar-winning screenwriter of Milk and creator of the forthcoming ABC series When We Rise, will publish a memoir with Knopf, EW can announce exclusively.

Titled Mama’s Boy: The Story of Two Americas, Black’s book will focus on his relationship with his southern, religious mother, and how the “red-state values” she instilled in him gave him the tools and courage to stand up for gay rights and become the storyteller he is today.

“My progressive friends along the coasts often marveled at how close I remained with my conservative, southern, Mormon, military mom,” Black tells EW. “What they didn’t know is how much I still cherish my roots, and that I’m often more comfortable at a BBQ in Texarkana, Texas than a pool party in Hollywood. So I never lost sight of where the bridges were between my two Americas — between me and my mom. Sadly, over the past two decades I’ve watched the chasm grow between my two treasured homes, and now I feel compelled to shine a light on the bridges between us in hopes of helping heal the divide.”

Black’s highest profile projects have centered on telling various LGBTQ stories: From the 2009 Harvey Milk biopic Milk, to his 2011 play 8, about the overturning of Proposition 8 in California (which barred same-sex couples from marrying), to the upcoming series When We Rise, premiering on Feb. 27, which explores the gay rights movement by following the lives of five prominent characters.

No publication date has been announced yet for Mama’s Boy.

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