'Pussy' promises to mock the president through a fantasy lens
Credit: Roberto Ricciuti/Getty Images; Ron Sachs - Pool/Getty Images

Donald Trump’s presidency is only a few days old, but already the satire is starting to pour in. Man Booker Prize-winning author Howard Jacobson, for one, has written a comic fairy tale named after Trump’s most infamous election scandal: Pussy.

Due out in April from Jonathan Cape, Pussy is a 50,000-word novella that satirizes Trump through a fantasy lens. The star is Prince Fracassus, an ignorant and thin-skinned man obsessed with golden skyscrapers and reality TV shows who nevertheless ends up in charge of his country. The book’s title comes from a 2005 tape that shows Trump making vulgar comments about pursuing women. In the clip, he tells Access Hollywood’s Billy Bush that famous men can grab women “by the p—y.”

“Satire is an important weapon in the fight against what is happening and Trump looks like a person who is particularly vulnerable to derision,” Jacobson told The Guardian.

Pussy differs from Jacobson’s other work not just in genre (he typically writes contemporary fiction, like his award-winning 2010 novel The Finkler Question), but also in the speed with which he wrote it. In contrast to his typically slow writing style, Jacobson stayed up nights pumping out Pussy after Trump’s victory in the presidential election.

“Fiction can’t match reality at the moment,” Jacobson told The Guardian. But he’s certainly trying.