'The Girl on the Train' isn’t the only girl on a vehicle in a book title.

By Madeline Raynor
January 13, 2017 at 06:42 AM EST
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Since Paula Hawkins released her bestselling novel The Girl on the Train exactly two years ago, an overwhelming number of books have had “girl” in the title. But that’s not all: The Girl on the Train isn’t the only title that used the “girls on vehicles” trend. To celebrate the book’s anniversary, here are some other ways girls travel in book titles past and present.

1. Girl on a Plane by Miriam Moss (2015)

Inspired by The Girl on the Train, perhaps?

2. The Girl on the Boat by P.G. Wodehouse (1922)

This literary great seems to have kicked off the trend.

3. The Girls in the Van: Covering Hillary by Beth Harpaz (2001)

This title mixed things up by featuring multiple girls.

4. The Girl in the Painted Caravan by Eva Petulengro (2011)

Getting creative with the modes of transportation.

5. The Only Girl in the Car by Kathy Dobie (2003) 

This is definitely the most comfortable way to travel.

6. Assignment—The Girl in the Gondola by Edward S. Aarons (1964)

A girl in a gondola feels right at home in a pulpy ‘60s spy novel.

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