By Nivea Serrao
January 11, 2017 at 03:36 PM EST

The streets of Hell’s Kitchen are about to become safer than usual in both Marvel’s cinematic and comic book universes.

Marvel announced Wednesday that it will be publishing a new Defenders series, which will see heroes DaredevilJessica JonesLuke Cage, and Iron First join forces — not unlike on the upcoming Netflix TV show. The new comic will feature the team of New York-based heroes taking on hometown criminal empires as they attempt to run the city.

“As opposed to other more global or galactic superhero groups, the Defenders are very much focused on the streets, on the neighborhoods, on the community,” Marvel senior vice president and executive editor Tom Brevoort said in a statement. “Their battles are no less fiercely fought or consequential, but the arena is a very different one, and the stakes more personal.”

Brian Michael Bendis (Jessica Jones) will write the series, reuniting him with Invincible Iron Man artist David Marquez.

The Defenders is a smorgasbord of everything I truly love about Marvel Comics,” Bendis said in a statement. “And to keep the team of David, Justin [Ponsor], and myself together for another creative challenge is so exciting! We’ve been planning this book for well over a year and we’re so excited to show you what we think the next phase of the gritty marvel streets will have to offer.”

The Defenders comics arrive in June 2017. See the first issue’s cover below.