By Nivea Serrao
January 10, 2017 at 06:31 AM EST
John Parra/Getty Images

Ani DiFranco has a busy year ahead of her.

Not only is the Grammy-award winning artist—and social activist—releasing a new album in May, but the “32 Flavors” singer announced on Tuesday that she will also pen her first memoir.

The book will see DiFranco dig into her life, from her teenage emancipation at 15 years old and early life in New York, to her growth and success as an artist. It will also chronicle her political activism as DiFranco continues to campaign for a variety of causes including gender equality, racial justice, and prison reform.

“Writing prose has already presented itself differently to me,” said DiFranco in a statement. “It feels like sitting in front of a huge slab of timeless stone and staring unfocused until a figure appears, and then chipping… and chipping, and then again unfocusing the eyes. A much more zen exercise in its ritual and manual labor.”

The memoir will be published by Viking. No release date has been set yet.