President-elect Donald Trump tweeted his displeasure over the cover art for CNN's new book Unprecedented released in December about the 2016 Presidential Election.
Credit: Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images

President-elect Donald Trump can sometimes be a harsh critic — especially when it comes to photographs of himself.

On Monday, the businessman-turned-world leader tweeted his displeasure over the cover art for a new book from CNN about the 2016 Presidential Election.

Unprecedented, which was released in December, was written during the election and is a chronicle of the President-elect’s surprising win. Written by CNN writer Thomas Lake, CNN’s website describes the book as a deeply reported account on the fight for the presidency between Trump — “a blustery billionaire and reality TV star with no military or government experience, no respect for the rules of politics and no fear of offending people” — and former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton.

Trump’s tweet didn’t criticize the contents of the book. Instead, he took issue with the photo of him that was used for the cover.

“@CNN just released a book called ‘Unprecedented’ which explore the 2016 race & victory,” he wrote. “Hope it does well but used worst cover photo of me!”

There are actually two versions of the book’s cover — an “Inaugural edition” featuring a stern-looking Trump and another version that contains a collage of different photos from the election, including a large picture of Trump speaking at a podium. It’s unclear which cover photo the 70-year-old President-elect was referencing as being “the worst.”


This isn’t the first time the President-elect has criticized the media for using “bad” photos of him. In November, Politico reported that during an off-the-record meeting with members of the media, Trump complained to NBC News President Deborah Turness that the network wouldn’t run a “nice” picture of him and instead chose one that made him look like he had a double-chin. (Turness reportedly replied that she thought the NBC News website had a “very nice” photo of him on their website at the time of the meeting.)

Considering that Trump has a penchant for insulting people — particularly women — for their looks, it may come as no surprise that he looks at his own photos with a critical eye.