A new comic from Dynamite Entertainment reimagines the classic detectives as noir characters
Credit: Dynamite Entertainment

These days, almost every pop culture franchise is ripe for reinvention. When comic writer Anthony Del Col first set out to secure the license for Nancy Drew and the Hardy Boys, he did so with a specific reinterpretation in mind, one that cast the classic teenage detectives as hard-boiled noir characters. Years later, his vision has finally come to fruition in the new comic from Dynamite Entertainment, Nancy Drew and the Hardy Boys: The Big Lie. The book is written by Del Col and illustrated by Werther Dell’Edera.

“I often come up with a lot of bizarre ideas, and two years ago I had this vision of a modern-day noir story with femme fatale Nancy Drew aiding accusing criminals the Hardy Boys” Del Col said in a statement. “It was an idea that, upon further thought, actually wasn’t that bizarre. And now Werther, Dynamite and I are using it as a launching pad to examine who these characters really are, and why they’re still so beloved.”

The Big Lie casts Frank and Joe Hardy as teenage brothers in the small resort town of Bayport. When they come under suspicion for the death of their famous detective father, they turn to local “femme fatale” Nancy Drew for help proving their innocence. According to Dynamite, the resulting story is a bit more “hard-boiled” than classic fans may be used to, promising “double-crosses, deceit and dames.” In this way, The Big Lie may fill the hole left when CBS passed on a Drew TV show that would have cast the character as a 30-something detective in New York City, played by Sarah Shahi.

The first issue (of six) of Nancy Drew and the Hardy Boys: The Big Lie is set to hit comic stores in March. Check out covers, sketches, and an interior page below.

Credit: Dynamite Entertainment
Credit: Dynamite Entertainment
Credit: Dynamite Entertainment
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